Help With Complex and Difficult Divorce and Custody Cases

Divorce and child custody related issues are one of life’s most difficult experiences. If you are going through a divorce or considering it or proceeding with child custody litigation, you may be struggling with painful emotions and facing hard decisions. Though no one can make matters easy, it can be extremely helpful to have an experienced Greensburg Divorce and Custody Attorney on your side who knows the law, who knows family courts and who knows what will work best for you.

Since 1992, Greensburg Divorce and Custody Attorney, Doug Farrell of Farrell Law, LLC, has assisted thousands of people deal with their  divorce and custody situations of all kinds by actively engaging in the practice of family law for over 31 years.  At Farrell Law, LLC, my staff and I understand the emotional and legal challenges that must be navigated in the divorce process.  At Farrell Law, LLC, we are committed to help making divorce and custody cases as easy as possible.

Guidance on Division of Marital Assets in a Greensburg Divorce

An experienced Greensburg Divorce Attorney can assist you in the division of marital assets such as:

  • Real estate, including primary residence
  • Investments, retirement accounts and pension
  • Family businesses and professional practices
  • Personal items
  • Marital and personal debt, which should be divided equitably.
  • Guidance on child and spousal support payments, child custody disputes, grandparents rights and custody relocation matters

An experienced Greensburg Divorce Attorney can assist you on child and spousal support payments, child custody disputes on grandparents rights matters and custody relocation matters.  These issues can be effectively addressed in the family law courts.

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