The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has specific laws that relate to what will happen to a person’s assets and dependents when he or she dies, and other laws that apply to what will happen if that person becomes incapacitated. At Farrell Law, LLC, we believe it is important to know how these laws apply to you and your family, and to be prepared for both the unexpected and the inevitable.

Understanding What Estate Planning Means For You

Good estate planning is a matter of making decisions now that will help legally protect your family and safeguard your assets in the future. At Farrell Law, LLC, my staff and I can help you plan your estate and assemble vital documents and estate tools, including:

  • A will that clearly expresses your wishes about your assets and beneficiaries, and leaves no room for disputes among your loved ones
  • Powers of attorney that designate who will handle your financial, medical and personal affairs if you become unable to do so because of illness or incapacitation
  • Issues like medical procedures, lite support ana organ donation
  • Guardianships and conservatorships that can be designed to protect your children, parents and other loved ones if you die or are unable to care for them

Assisting With Estate Administration And Probate Services

When a family member dies, the grief can be significant, and the administration of the person’s estate can bring further stress. Having the assistance of an estate administration and probate attorney will be extremely helpful in making the process as smooth as possible. To that end, can advise and represent you in:

  • Probating the estate of a person who has passed away
  • Probate litigation, contested probate and will contests
  • Preparing inheritance and estate tax returns that satisfy the demands of the law while keeping as much of the decedent’s assets in the hands of the family as possible
  • Situations in which a decedent has no will

At Farrell Law, LLC, I will be happy to answer your questions about important estate matters.  Call 724-875-4112.